Concentration and unity - 2016 Rifeng National Agent Conference was successfully held

Mar. 01, 2019
On March 29th, 2016, Rifeng National Agents Conference was successfully held in Zhuhai Changlong Hengqin Bay Hotel. More than a thousand agents from all over the country gathered together in Zhuhai to share the efforts and gains of the past year and discuss the development plan for 2016. 

group photo of all agents

speech by Xu Weijun, Chairman of Rifeng Group

2015 summary: Unity and progress, face to challenge
Looking back on 2015, under the background of the economic downturn, Rifeng has continuously reformed its thinking and made positive adjustments and innovations in process optimization, group structure, marketing and promotion strategies. With the efforts of the group and all the agents, Rifeng has maintained its leading position in the industry and developed continuously. Many agents have also faced difficulties and achieved good development.

Outlook 2016: More support, full strength
Looking forward to 2016, the various reforms of Rifeng will continue to be implemented in depth, and face all difficulties with all agents to seek more breakthroughs. In response to changing market demands, Rifeng has continuously upgraded its products and introduced a variety of new products. At the same time, rifeng continue to provide comprehensive and strong support for agents in marketing and promotion strategies. The conference also invited a number of outstanding agents to share and exchange ideas on the construction and management of distributor teams, brand competition, product and sales channel promotion.
Product display: new products, attractive display
In addition to the display of exhibition boards in previous years, Rifeng also innovatively used new media display forms such as WeChat. Agents used the mobile phone to scan the two-dimensional code on the display board, which has become a highlight of this meeting, then can understand the product advantages, specifications and other detailed information.

Agents visited the exhibition hall

Agent was scanning the QR code of product introduction 

Rifeng leaders communicated with agents

In 2016, Rifeng will share difficulties and challenges with all agents, and adhere to the development concept of “cooperation and sharing, growth together”.