Detailed Information Questionnaire

Please fill below important informations as detailed as possible. It will improve our customer services significantly by eliminating repetitive inquiry. The more detailed information you provide the faster feedback we can provide. If you have any quality issue, please feedback to us in a month. Thank you very much in advance. We appreciate your strong support.

(For existing customers only)

  • *Code of Complaint
  • *Customer Name
  • *Country
  • *Phone
  • *Email
  • *Product Specification
  • *Order Number or Batch
  • *Defective Quantity
  • *Defective Percent (%)
  • *Complaint Description
  • *Photo/video of damageProducts/area
    Noted: Please keep 15cm pipe assembled with the NG fittings together, it is very helpful for us to do analysis. Thanks for your all support!
  • *Complaintsample sent back
    Yes(Tracker Number)
  • Installation Time
    Before use(voluntary item)
    Installation time
  • Installation Place
    Residential use
    Commercoal use
    Industrial use
  • *Installation Tool
  • *Application
    Water Supply
    Gas Installation
    Floor Heating
    Conduit System
    Bathroom&Sanitary appliance
  • Working Temperature
  • Working Pressure
  • Working Duration
  • Working Media
  • Claim amount
  • Loss Location
  • Loss Date
  • Loss Details/ Invoice
  • Other comments/notes
  • Claimant Date
  • Claimant