RIFENG PVC Drainage Piping System, made of high-quality polyvinyl chloride resins and imported processing additives, has the advantages of high impact resistance, low noise, and smooth inner walls. Moreover, RIFENG has launched its Helix and Hollow Spiral Series, bringing more choices to customers worldwide.

Technical specification

PVC Drainage piping series
Rifeng solid drainage piping series is following GB/T 5836.1-2006 and GB/T 5836.2-2006 standards.
High impact resistance
Excellent physical and chemical property and better tensile strength.
Smooth drainage
Smooth pipe inner wall and seamless adhesive connection between pipe and Fittings.
F30 fittings feature unique stiffeners which enable the structure to be more stable.

PVC Low-noise piping series
Rifeng's helix low-noise drainage piping series can achieve rotational flow drainage with its unique interior helix structure. Its helix structure can thus greatly reduce noise.
Low noise
The noise produced is lower than 45 decibel.
Quick drainage
The flow of DN 110 helix pipe reaches 6L/S which is the two times of general PVC drainage pipe.
Water seal
The balance of air pressure prevents stink from entering into house.

WaterMark Certificate of Conformity -Level 1
Evaluated to:
AS/NZS 1260:2017- PVC-U pipes and fittings for drain, waste and vent application.
CE marking , a "Symbol of Safety " in the EEA, is verified comply with ISO 3633: 2002-Plastic piping systems for soil and waste discharge (low and high temperature ) inside buildings - Unplasticized poly (vinyl chloride) (PVC-U).

Implementation of the GB/T 5836.1-2006;
No. Term Index
1 Density (kg/m3) 1350~1550
2 Tensile strength MPa ≧40
3 Vicat softening temperature℃ ≧79
4 Dichloromethane impregnated test Surface changes are not inferior of 4L
5 Flat test (compress 1/2 of outside diameter) Sample with no seam
6 Falling weight impact test TIR TIR≦10%
7 Longitudinal shrinkage% ≦5

Implementation of the GB/T 5836.2-2006;
No. Term Index
1 Density (kg/m3) 1350~1550                                                                
2 Vicat softening temperature℃                                                 ≧74                                     
3 Oven test No crack
4 Falling test  
 Seamless adhesive connections between pipes and fittings