Entire household water purification - Pre-Filter

Feb. 22, 2019

Water quality is an common issue which have been most concerned in the world. In order to provide healthy drinking water, Rifeng now launches two pre-filters R1 and R2. Pre-filter as for primary filtration of house water supply systems, directly intercept impurities in the water, effectively filter rust, debris, sediment, red worms, and algae to protect human health and other equipment in the water supply system.

R1 Series

Core Advantages
- Purifies water in micron filtration
The micron filter cartridge can stop particles over 40 microns, to protect faucets and valves, and to ensure the household water quality.
- Simple maintenance to access a long service life
The filter cartridge can be detached to clean or replaced.
- Visible purifying process
Through the transparent bottle body,it is convenient to check the water quality and impurities.
- Wide range
According to different installation demands, the copper body has two types of structure,general fixed and 360 rotation, and various joints and colors are available to match.

Maintenance Procedure
- Close the main valve
- Insert a drain hose into the metal joint,open the outlet valve to expel impurities
- Press the blue ring of the metal joint while pulling out the drain hose
- Tighten the end cap to prevent dripping
- Clean the filter cartridge
- Install the filter cartridge
- Use the bottle spanner to reassemble the filter bottle
- Pack up tools and accessories with the storage bag

Packaging Upgrade
- Adopting brand new visual identity, the pre-filter box is in novel design and covered matte material, which improves users experience.
- Packing the accessories with a translucent bag to make the regular maintain more convenient.
- The manual explains in graphic combination, which enables users to understand at a glance. 

R2 Series

Core Advantages
- Backwash design and automatic wash without dismantlement, which is more convenient to use.
- Double scrub and two filter cartridge to make cleaning better.
- Pressure balance technology and pressure monitor can protect water equipment effectively.
- Large flow to fully meets the water consumption of water equipment.
- Food-grade filter cartridge and aero PA material to guarantee hygiene.