EPD certifications demonstrate Rifeng’s commitment to sustainability

Mar. 30, 2020

Rifeng’s commitment to sustainability is ongoing. Rifeng have received an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), a certification regarding to product environmental life cycle impacts. Environmental Product Declaration is an internationally recognized environmental certification which apply verifiable and accurate information to encourage the demand and supply of products with lower negative impact on the environment. 




As green issues are becoming more and more important in current market, Rifeng also pay higher attention on reducing the environmental impact of products. There are total 10 products have obtained EPD certifications including but not limit to PP-R pipes, PEX pipes, PVC drainage pipes, multilayer pipes, crimp fittings and press fittings. It is important to emphasize that the products achieved EPD certifications shows a clear declaration of the life-cycle environmental impact.


To conclude, Getting EPD certifications allows us once again confidently say that the quality of Rifeng products respects people and the environment. And Rifeng will always works on providing reliable, verifiable and comparable products with lower environmental to our customers. 

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