RIFENG New Product "F6" Push-fit Fittings Obtaines The Australia SAI Global Certification

Dec. 10, 2020
RIFENG F6 push-fit fittings is available for potable water systems and hydronic heating systems. It is used for making 
connections to Multilayer pipes and PEX pipes.

RIFENG F6 push-fit fittings is engineered to provide an efficient and convenient installation method. It helps plumbers to optimize installation time and guarantee a clean and leak-free installation environment. With F6 PUSH-FIT, no soldering, melting, clamps or glue is required, which means cleaner installations, less potential leak points and less time cost on the job. Plumb an entire home without using special tools.

push-fit fittings
1. Assurance
Inspection holes can provide a visual confirmation. When we see the green  indicator appears and stays , it refers the tubing has been fully installed.
2. Hygiene
No torch, glue, or solvent is required for installation, avoiding the contamination 
of toxic chemicals on potable water, ensuring a healthy living environment.
3. Security
No soldering and glue significantly reduces the chance of installation error and leaks. Besides, two seal rings structure provides a better sealing performance.
High-quality materials strengthen corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance, ensuring better performance and extending service life.
Engineered multi-barbed teeth provide a reliable and secure connection.
6. Ease Of Installion
Plumb an entire home without using special tools. Instant push-fit connection for increased ease-of-use. No training required, reduce labor costs.
push-fit fittings