"Foshan Quality" survey - Rifeng pipe annual production can circle the earth 16 times!

Sep. 05, 2019

From July to August this year, a special research group jointly established by famous economist Zhou Qiren and Foshan City Federation of Industry, as well as Commerce and Nanfang Daily investigated Foshan enterprises and officially reported “Quality Revolution • Innovation Power – Foshan's high-quality development enterprises observed".

In the Rifeng office building of Sanshui Industrial Park, there is a product exhibition hall of the Technology Center with a room, a kitchen and a bathroom, including water pipe system, heating pipe system, and indoor gas pipe system. The application of the “Rifeng Pipe” is ubiquitous.

In the 20 years of development since its establishment, Rifeng's aluminum-plastic pipe production has achieved the first place in the world in the first 10 years. At present, its technology and quality represent the highest level in the world. At the same time, more plastic pipe products of different materials have been developed, and to be used in a wider range of fields such as hot and cold water supply, heating, gas, conduit, drainage, and etc.


Li Baiqian, vice president and chief engineer of Rifeng Enterprise, said that Rifeng products have won the recognition of the market, relying on quality and innovation. He said: "In the 1990s, aluminum-plastic pipes became an ideal substitute for galvanized steel pipes due to their anti-corrosion and long service life. Xu Weizhao, the founder of Rifeng Enterprise, seized business opportunities and brought in complete production equipment and raw materials including polyethylene, aluminum tape and hot melt adhesive from Germany, entered into the new "Blue Ocean" of aluminum-plastic pipe industry. At that time, many enterprises in China began to enter the field of aluminum-plastic pipe, but only Rifeng has introduced a full set of test equipment at the same time. This shows that Rifeng has strict quality requirements since its inception.

On this basis, Rifeng Enterprise has also become the first aluminum-plastic pipe manufacturer in China to establish the service life of its products for 50 years. After more than 10,000 hours of testing, the technician used a 4-parameter model to simulate the long-term hydrostatic curve, and derived the theoretical service life of the aluminum-plastic tube to 50 years. Under the guidance of Rifeng Enterprises, the 50-year service life of the pipeline has long been established as a benchmark for the pipeline industry. Recently, a foreign authoritative organization tested a high-quality pipe of Rifeng Enterprise, showed that the theoretical service life of the product reached 119 years.

According to the industry's authoritative magazine KWD-Global Pipe, from 2002 to 2008, Rifeng's aluminum-plastic pipe production has jumped from the third place to the first in the world. According to different materials, Rifeng products are also expanded from the original aluminum-plastic pipe to PP-R, PE-RT, PEX, PVC and other plastic pipes, covering hot and cold water supply, heating, gas, cunduit and drainage system. According to statistics, in 2017, the output of the Rifeng pipeline reached 640 million meters, which are 16 circles around the Earth's equator.

In terms of quality management system, the quality management system of Rifeng Enterprise currently covers the key aspects of the whole process. In the production process, for example, the pipe should be tested for size, appearance, and force every 200 meters, and the finished product should be tested for blasting, expansion, and hydrostatic pressure every 90 kilometers to ensure that each meter of the pipe coincidence 50 years lifetime.