Four Common types of PVC Pipes

Aug. 18, 2020
PVC pipes has been widely adopted since the early 20th century. According to a sewage conveyance systems study1, the first PVC water pipe was made in Germany in 1932. Four years later, PVC pipes served as residential drinking water pipes and waste drainage in Germany.
Nowadays, PVC pipes has been developed into several types to meet the demand of different applications. There are four types of PVC pipes which are commonly used, unplasticised PVC (PVC-U), modified PVC (PVC-M), chlorinated PVC (PVC-C) and molecular oriented PVC (PVC-O).

PVC-U pipes and fittings are used in the transportation of drinking water, soil and waste, sewage, underground drainage and industrial applications.
PVC-M pipes and fittings strengthen the resistance of the pipes to external blows and the resistance to gas constituents. It can be used for natural gas supplying.
PVC-C pipes and fittings have great performance on resistance to corrosion, high temperature and fire, which can be applied in fire system to transport fire extinguishing material.
PVC-O pipe and fittings are impact and fatigue resistant which show their advantages in the applications of irrigation and sewer pumping mains. Both PVC-C pipes and PVC-O pipes can be 100% recycled2.

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