Four top certifications for RIFENG PPR Plumbing System!

May. 18, 2022
How do you pick a PPR Plumbing System for long-lasting use? How do you spend every penny on the highest quality? RIFENG PPR Plumbing System with DVGW, NSF, CE and AENOR certifications safeguards your health by delivering clean and safe water.

As one of the largest PPR Plumbing System suppliers, RIFENG only sources the finest raw materials from top-tier global suppliers like BASF, Borouge, Borealis, and LG Chem. This guarantees quality from the source. With advanced facilities and sophisticated manufacturing processes, we can keep every pipe and fitting under our precise control. This significantly contributes to RIFENG PPR Plumbing System passing over 8760 hours of hydrostatic pressure testing and 5000 cycles of thermocycling testing.


From raw material incoming to in-production and batch release, RIFENG carries out every inspection with the strictest requirements for quality. That’s why it can obtain the DVGW, NSF, CE and AENOR certifications that have stringent requirements on materials and products used in contact with drinking water. It has also won widespread recognition from customers in European, South American, Asian, and American markets.

As a pioneer in the R&D and application of plastic pipes, RIFENG has always regarded quality as its core competitiveness in global development. To date, the annual output of RIFENG PPR pipes has reached more than 600 million meters, and the annual output of PPR fittings has reached over 800 million pieces. Recognition from globally known certifications undoubtedly pushes us to continue advancing. RIFENG will provide more reliable piping solutions for customers worldwide by integrating global resources.

RIFENG PPR Plumbing System