Good news reported! RIIFO has won three awards including the "Best Brand of the Year" in the 2020 Top List

May. 08, 2020

On April 28, the industry-focused "16th Ceramic Sanitary Ware Industry Emerging List Award Ceremony" was grandly held in Foshan, Guangdong Province. With abundant comprehensive strength and excellent product quality, RIIFO stood out from many brands and won three honorable awards: "Annual Brand Excellence Award", "Annual Product Excellence Award", and "Engineering Users' Favorite Products".


Based on the insights of the target consumers, RIIFO proposes a new brand concept, aiming to provide consumers with "value for money" shopping experience, whether it is product, style, or quality, price, service experience, RIIFO hopes to become the most suitable choice in consumers' hearts and live up to expectations.


(Award certificate)


Behind the excellent is the strong technical research and development strength. Based on the group's leading R & D and manufacturing capabilities, RIIFO has established a number of modern production workshops equipped with international advanced low-pressure casting equipment, high-precision CNC machining centers, automatic polishing equipment, etc. These equipment can complete various processing processes from raw materials to finished products. While ensuring the high precision and high quality of the products, the annual production capacity of the products exceeds 10 million sets, reaching the industry leading level.


(Award ceremony)


As the economic landscape changes, the sanitary ware market is surging, and the whole industry is looking for new opportunities. RIIFO has taken a step forward in innovation. It recently held an event to use online live promotion plus live broadcast to obtain more public domain traffic and open up new channels for online and offline traffic monetization. At the same time, RIIFO also actively embraces new media to increases brand favorability.


In terms of the enhancement of soft power, RIIFO is also not perfunctory. Throughout the year of 2019, RIIFO has carried out nearly one hundred events, providing support for front-line terminals through different forms such as on-site activities, helping the continued growth of agents and distributors, and enhancing brand awareness and market share.


(Award-winning product)


The three honorable awards have made RIIFO once again demonstrate our superior product power to the industry and consumers. Products first, quality adherence, RIIFO will keep the glory obtained today, work hard for tomorrow, work hard for consumers, and create more quality products that truly meet consumer needs.