How to apply ppr pipe fittings?

Aug. 15, 2020
Among them, in order to make the drainage ppr pipe fittings smoother, the drainage pipe fittings should be installed after leveling. The editor will briefly introduce the application of ppr pipe fittings to you.

Indoor water supply and drainage construction must be carried out in cooperation with other professionals. Before connecting the pipeline, it is necessary to update and check whether there is any blockage in the pipeline. When construction is temporarily stopped, the nozzle should be blocked first. Before ppr pipe fittings are installed, holes must be reserved to cooperate with the civil works, and supports should be buried.
ppr pipe fittings
The installation of water supply and drainage pipe fittings should be coordinated with the installation of other pipes. And note that when passing through the firewall, the pipe fittings should be filled with non-combustible materials tightly, and the PPR water pipe insulation materials should also be flame-retardant materials, and the hanger should be fixed.

Therefore, to ensure pollution-free safety and sanitation, ppr pipe fittings should be cleaned and disinfected before use. Various ppr pipe fittings should be clearly marked when laying. Please remember that the vertical and horizontal pipes of ppr pipe fittings should be as close as possible to the columns and beams. The installation of ppr pipe fittings should not only be neat and beautiful, but also ensure quality.