Innovative Press Fitting Solution - RIFENG Multi-jaw Press Fitting

Jan. 07, 2020

RIFENG Multi-jaw Press Fitting is a multiple clamping system, suitable for 4 different types of common clamps: U, TH, H, RFZ. Plumber no need to replace their equipment, the fitting adapts the tool they already have.

And with a leakage indication. Any miss pressing or incorrect pressing, the plumber can immediately identify leaks and repair them by properly pressing the fittings.




The range of fittings of the RIFENG Multi-jaw Press Fitting includes diameters from 16mm to 32mm. The fitting uses a runcinate profile design which can withstand 1.5 times more tensile strength, 3 O-rings on each profile to provide a better sealing performance. It’s safety and reliability.




RIFENG Multi-jaw Press Fittings can produced from the DZR brass or lead-free brass to meets higher requirements.



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