Installation specifications for ppr pipes.

Feb. 08, 2021
After the development of science and technology in recent years, people install heating pipes in their homes, and the heating pipes flow water through artificial coal burning. This ensures the circulation of heating and hot water to obtain heat. Later, with the improvement of people's aesthetics, floor heating appeared, and floor heating pipes appeared at this time. Floor heating pipes are mainly used to be buried in the ground or at the bottom of the house, which will not affect the appearance, but can also ensure heating. The original floor heating pipes may be stainless steel pipes, which are easily corroded, but with the improvement of the production process, there are now PPR pipes.

1. The newly welded joint of the ppr pipe can be calibrated within the specified cooling time, and it can be rotated a little, but it is strictly forbidden to forcibly calibrate after the cooling time. It should be noted that: the connected pipes and fittings must not be inclined. They should be basically horizontal and vertical to avoid incorrect angles when installing the faucet and improper installation.

2. During the specified cooling time, it is strictly forbidden to allow the newly processed joints to bear external forces for the ppr pipe.

3. When using the installation specification fittings of the PPR pipe with metal thread, the white raw material tape must be tightly sealed to avoid water leakage from the thread.

ppr pipe

4. When over-tightening ppr pipe fittings with metal threads, the pipe fittings may be twisted and cause water leakage, so you should pay attention to moderate force

5. Use professional pipe clamps to fix it. Do not use hook nails to prevent damage to the water pipe and reduce the service life of the water pipe. The distance between the pipe clamps of cold water pipes is usually 50±5cm, and the distance between pipe clamps of hot water pipes is 35±5cm. If the pipe clamps are not in place, it will cause the water pipe to shake and generate noise.

6. The direction of the water pipe should be horizontal and vertical. On the premise that the slot is horizontal and vertical, avoid hard pulling or twisting the water pipe, causing the water outlet to be non-parallel with the wall, affecting the appearance and the installation of the mixing faucet.

7. When the waterway is reconstructed, the cold and hot water supply pipes reserved for the future installation of electric water heaters and water taps.
ppr pipe