Introduction and advantages of multilayer pipe fittings

Aug. 13, 2021
In 1990, the company launched its first lap heating composite device. These pipes are easy to shape, light in weight, simple and quick to install, and save time. In daily use, careful craftsmen can only complete a pipeline that can satisfy all applications.
This makes us one of the earliest composite pipe manufacturers in the world. Today, the special thing about Uponor is that all products and processes are developed in-house. Not only the pipes and fittings are produced in the German factory, Onor is also engaged in its own research and development of plastic and metal materials, as well as processing technology. And tool manufacturing. Even the extrusion technology is developed and manufactured in-house. At the composite pipe production site of Zella Mehlis, Uponor established a composite pipe development department, which is constantly developing new processes to further improve the piping system. Over the years, the piping system has been further expanded, and the current products include a complete set of piping and fittings ranging in size from 16-110mm.
SAC (seamless aluminum-plastic composite pipe) unique technology in the world, no welding seam required
100% oxygen impermeable and corrosion resistant
Low linear expansion
40% reduction in pipe bending radius
No adjustments required-the pipe retains its shape completely after bending
Due to higher bending capacity, accessories can be reduced by up to 15%
60% reduction in pressure loss of fittings
The smaller size is easy to bend by hand. For larger ones, Uponor provides a bending tool that can greatly reduce the workload of the installer.
Since the bending radius is 40% smaller than that of traditional composite pipes, many directions can be changed without using elbows during the assembly process. This reduces the number of parts required and also saves assembly time.
Some construction requires installation on the wall. "Metallic Pipe PLUS" looks like chrome-plated copper pipe or stainless steel pipe, but it has the advantages of plastic pipe.
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