Observation: Israel plastic pipe market

Jun. 26, 2019
According to 117 paged Ken Research report published in December 2018: PEX pipes have been gaining a lot of attention in the recent years / Israel plastic pipe and fitting market driven by increase in foreign investment in industrial sector and increase in application areas

Key findings:
• PEX pipes have been gaining a lot of attention in the recent years. They have been used in a number of applications such as transportation of chemicals and portable water. The biggest benefit of these pipes is easy installation under certain harsh conditions.
• The demand for uPVC pipes is high in northern and central districts of Israel. A majority of the new water supply lines were constructed in these regions.
• PP has high prices as compared to other types of plastic pipes and fittings. This restricts its wide use in household plumbing applications.
• Plassim is one of the major distributors of plastic pipes used for plumbing activities in Israel. The company distributes plastc pipes and fittings manufactured by themselves as well as those imported from some of the leading global brands such as Akatherm from the Netherlands.
• The consumption of water in agriculture sector increased by 12.1 % in 2016 (according to CBS, Israel) which led to increased demand for plastic pipes and fittings like PVC and PEX pipes.

Future analysis and projections: The plastic pipe and fitting market in Israel is estimated to grow at a double digit five year CAGR from 2018 to 2023 by 11.3 %. Industrial growth along with residential real estate supply is the major reason behind the growth of the production. PE pipes are expected to be the fastest growing type of pipe in the market because of their wide applications such as irrigation, water supply, sewage, plumbing, optical fiber protection and others. Among the end user application, irrigation segment is expected to grow at fastest rate from 2018 to 2023 driven by wide use of plastic pipe in drip irrigation. Domestically manufactured products are expected to cement their majority in the overall market in the future.

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