One more factory! RIFENG signed to build the 9th research & production base!

Sep. 28, 2021

RIFENG signed to build the 9th research & production base

On September 7, RIFENG signed to build the 9th research and production base in Changchun Economic Development Zone in Northeast China. With a total investment of 310 million USD, the new base will be constructed in two phases, covering a planned area of 333,000 square meters. Its main goal is to further boost RIFENG’s production capacity, especially for PPR, PVC, PEX, and other piping systems. Once built, it is expected to realize an annual output of 233 million USD. The base is scheduled to start construction in April next year, put into operation in 2023, and completely set up in 2026.

Nine Production Bases Worldwide


Favorable locational advantages for greater global businesses

Why RIFENG chooses such a location to build production base? Changchun is in Northeast China, where is regarded as an important and mature equipment manufacturing base in China. Apart from well-developed infrastructure facilities, Changchun also enjoys the following regional advantages.
     1. Favorable geographical position and transport facilities.
      It is located at the junction of airport, high-speed rails, and railways, so the transportation cost is much lower.
     2. Convenient international logistics.
a) Cargo charter flights from Changchun to Moscow;
b) China-Europe freight-train from Changchun to Schwarz head;
c) Shipping- railway combined transport;
d) Cross-border highway to Vladivostok, Russia.
     3. Fast export declaration.
      The Xinglong Comprehensive Bonded Area in Changchun provides preferential policies and comprehensive service, greatly expediting cargo clearance.


RIFENG Production Base in Foshan, Guangdong


Reliable quality & supply stability for growing market

As a global piping leader, RIFENG offers a full range of piping systems, including plumbing, underfloor heating, drainage, gas piping, PVC conduit, air condition piping, and infrastructure piping. What RIFENG is going to build in Changchun is not only an intelligent factory, but also a cutting-edge center for piping research and development. Emboldened by well-educated talents and excellent facilities in Changchun, RIFENG will develop more world-leading technologies, so as to provide customers with comprehensive, reliable and stable product systems.

There is no doubt that the RIFENG Changchun Production Base will improve product delivery quality and efficiency to a greater extent. Hence, RIFENG is sure to further satisfy the demanding markets in Russia and other European countries and regions. Meanwhile, RIFENG will create more opportunities for talents to achieve their full potential.