Precautions for ppr pipe during installation of pipe fittings.

Mar. 20, 2021
What are the precautions for ppr pipe in the process of pipe fittings installation?

The normal use of ppr pipe fittings is inseparable from the correct and standardized installation. As a professional ppr pipe fitting manufacturer, ppr pipe manufacturers need to better regulate their own installation technology. First fix the wiring, and then slot into the ground. I think it’s better to let the plumber do it. After all, the plumber’s staff are more professional, so it won’t be great if the water pipes you connect to it leaks.

From the connection of PPR pipes: hot-melt connection. The melting temperature is 260 degrees. Your installation scale should refer to your design scale. This has to be designed according to your home improvement. Generally, PPR cannot be exposed to the surface. The first surface-mounted PPR will be deformed by gravity, and the second surface-mounted PPR will easily age. Third, if it is a white PPR, it can easily transmit light to form breeding bacteria. So it is recommended to bury it in secret. PPR water pipes can also be connected by hot-melt sockets. The pipes and pipe fittings are completely integrated, and the strength of the joints even exceeds the strength of the pipe body. As long as the construction is properly performed, it will pass the pressure test after completion, and the performance is extremely high.

Precautions for ppr pipe during installation of pipe fittings:

 1. The pressure test can be more than 30 minutes. If the site environment permits, the pressure test time can be longer.

 2. The purchase of ppr pipes and fittings must be guaranteed and must be operated by professionally trained technical workers.

 3. According to the horizontal, horizontal and vertical principle, a deep groove larger than the diameter of the water pipe should be grooved on the basic floor of the room, and then ppr pipe fittings should be laid, followed by sequential hot-melt connection. The process flow is very important.

4. After all ppr pipe fittings are fused together with hot melt technology, the necessary pressure strength test is carried out.

 5. The hot-melt technology is finalized after cooling. It is not that the longer the time, the better. Long-term pressure will damage the water pipe. When it is ensured that there is no leakage of water, then landfill is carried out.

Special attention should be paid to the appearance of ppr pipe welding, and non-destructive testing can only be carried out after the appearance inspection is qualified. Radiographic flaw detection shall be carried out on pipe welds that cross rivers, reservoirs, roads, railways, underground pipelines, cables, and optical cables, welds between straight pipes and elbows, and joints after pressure test.
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