Purchase details of household plumbing valves

Aug. 13, 2021
Commonly used plumbing babies at home generally have (brass or iron) gate valves, ball valves, triangle valves and other forms.
Because of the good mechanical properties of copper alloy, it has the advantages of not being easy to rust and strong corrosion resistance, so the copper water heater has greatly reduced the iron water heater. The flow rate can also play a role. Generally, connection pipes and water inlet advantages are used for faucets and toilets, and there are also general connection and connection pipe water inlet advantages for water heaters. Gate valves are basically used to connect pipes and water meters. The connection of the ball valve pipeline and the water heater. The ball valve is convenient to open the gate, and the existing pipe and the water meter are also commonly used in the connection of the ball valve.
Radiation of civil water heating:
Different types of civil water heating gas should be selected according to the different requirements of users:
1. Organize and organize the time to visually inspect the water heating, there should be no trachoma; the surface should be peeled off, pay attention to whether there are skins, cracks, burnt, exposed, peeling, dark spots and obvious pitting, etc.; the measures to be taken on the defective surface are subtle The details, precise synchronization, and there must be no defects such as sagging and bottoming. The above-mentioned defects will directly affect the life of the plumbing steam.

2. Plumbing and gas pipe threads are connected to the pipeline. Visually inspect the surface of the thread for obvious defects such as dents and cracks. Pay special attention to the effective length of the pipe thread and the component that will affect the sealing effect. General DN15 The effective length of time pipe thread is about 10mm.

3. Gate valves and ball valves are generally marked with a nominal pressure on their valve body or handle, and the time can be selected according to their needs.

4. When the gate valve or gate valve fails, find out the length of its structure and install it after playing games.

5. The pipe thread of the triangle valve has internal thread and external thread. It needs to be based on needs; it should be noted that there are some triangle valves made of zinc alloy on the market. The plumbing and natural gas are lower than ordinary products, but they are easy to corrode. reconstruction.

Should try to graduate from a regular building material store or supermarket, so that the product quality can be guaranteed.
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