PUSH-FIT fittings

Aug. 08, 2013

Rifeng Push-Fitting

You simply push, and done!



Established in 1996. Rifeng has been growing very rapidly during the past 17 years and became an industry leader in manufacturing plumping system. As integrated with an advanced R&D team. Rifeng is dedicated to provide our customer the best quality product at a reasonable price. Over the years, four different catagories of products namely press-fitting, screw-fitting. PPR-fitting and crimp-fitting has earned us a good reputation of technical expertises worldwide.

We drive new product innovation. Right now. Rifeng has successfully developed a new push fitting connection system in house. Because of its environmental friendliness and excellent convenience of both assembly and disassembly, it is believed to be a really good business opportunity for cooperation.


System Installation


Easy and quick installation: 50-100 times faster than pressing and welding tools, easy and removal disassemble as you like. The joining process is simple and tube preparation requires no more than the application of good plumbing practices which contribute to installation time savings. Great cost advantage: the cost benefits of the system do not end with time and insurance. The creation of a sound joint is TOOL FREE and requires only the use of a Rifeng push fitting. The additional need to purchase and store gasses, adhesives, fluxes, solders, threading machines or any other equipment is avoided.