25th Anniversary Celebration: Win-Win Cooperation With RIFENG

May. 21, 2021
May 17, 2021 was the 25th anniversary of the founding of RIFENG Group. To celebrate this great day, the RIFENG 25th Anniversary Celebration was solemnly held at the Louvre Palace in Foshan. Employees who have worked in RIFENG for over 10 years and representatives of its distributors and suppliers were invited as guests to the banquet.

Moment of Glory
At the beginning of the celebration, Mr. Xu Weizhao, Chairman of the Group, gave a speech on glorious moments of RIFENG. Chairman Xu summarized RIFENG's development history, new opportunities for cooperation, and achievements in branding and quality control. Built RIFENG from scratch 25 years ago, after many twists and turns, Chairman Xu not only thanked staffs for their persistence and dedication, but also expressed great respect for all partners’ trust and tolerance. Furthermore, He pointed out that the Group will continue to move forward while firmly uphold following principles:
1. standing out and taking the lead;
2. innovation-driven and talent-oriented development;
3. cooperation with shared benefits and growth.
RIFENG will, said by Xu, feedback the whole society with gratitude as always.

Stick to RIFENG through Thick & Thin
In RIFENG, there is a group of people who work hard every day to interpret professional dedication, lasting for over 10 years, 15 years, even 20 or 25 years. They have accompanied RIFENG for tens of years, witnessing its growth at various stages, therefore they are who most deserve its gratitude. RIFENG always regards talents and product quality as its core competitiveness, emphasizing the development concepts of "people-oriented, quality first, and technological innovation". Thus, through this celebration, the Group solemnly awarded them honorary trophies and commemorative gold coins for their dedication, loyalty as well as feats.

A Win-Win Future with RIFNG
Group President Mr. Xu Tenghui shared his experience in the RIFENG at the celebration. As what President Xu reviewed RIFENG’s development, clients vigorously backed up, suppliers provided high quality products, and the older generations actively expanded business and laid a solid foundation. Moreover, he expressed expectations for the next 25 years, emphasizing the importance of talents and innovation. Specifically speaking, talents will be regarded as significant capital and encouraged to give full play to their ability; more internal and external innovations will be embraced with inclusive attitude; and all staffs unswervingly adhere to the business philosophy of "cooperation with shared benefits and growth", making a concerted effort to build a brighter future.     

Employees and distributors across the country elaborated a picture album with heartful blessings for the 25th anniversary. Wonderful performances, exciting lottery draws, energetic dances, sonorous songs, high-value gold prizes, and fun games, all of which upsurged the happiness and joy of the celebration.

Ultimately, the RIFENG 25th Anniversary Celebration came to a successful conclusion in the sound of joy. In the past 25 years, what RIFENG gained is not only fruitful achievements, but also the expectation and possibility of a brighter future. In the years to come, RIFENG will continuously break the waves and navigate steadily toward a better future!