RIFENG: Hi, “5G+” smart factories!

Dec. 23, 2021

Recently, RIFENG launched a project for building “5G+” RIFENG smart factories, speeding up its transformation to intelligence and digitization. Such a transformation will empower RIFENG to develop to a higher level, strongly supporting it to meet the globally growing demand for piping systems.

Subsequently, RIFENG will drive its digital transformation with 5G as the core. The wired networks have disadvantages like slow transmission, which is unfit for flexible manufacturing lines. However, 5G wireless network can realize production data collection at milliseconds, ensuring production data security and no delay and significantly improving production efficiency.

Putting the “smart” in RIFENG smart factories

Based on the efficient, stable and flexible 5G wireless network, data from all production facilities, logistics facilities, warehousing facilities, and quality inspection facilities can be transmitted instantly, thereby realizing efficient data collection. As a result, through the processing and analysis of the data, we can make efficient collaboration and execution among Quality Management System(QMS), Warehouse Management System(WMS), Product Lifecycle Management(PLM) System, and Manufacturing Execution System(MES). Moreover, the production efficiency is greatly improved, and the delivery time is shortened.
RIFENG digital and intelligent injection machines can transmit the data in an instant based on the 5G wireless networks’ support.

Considerably improving Quality Management System

Without quality, everything is nothing. Quality control has always been what we care about most. With the adequate support of the 5G wireless network, we can collect key quality-related parameters from intelligent production facilities and analyze the operation behaviour of workers through AI technology to identify abnormalities in the production process. The AI technology can not only provide early warning of any possible accidents, but also greatly reduce manual errors, improve operational safety, and guarantee product quality at the root. In addition, 5G technology also allows us to combine technical means such as video diagnosis and experience  database to help our people find quality problems in time and provide solutions.
AI technology based on a 5G wireless network makes it possible to digitalize and visualize the entire production process of the production facilities.

Optimizing packaging & loading solutions through the digital AI technology

How to optimize packaging and loading solutions has always been a question we’ve asked ourselves. Digital AI technology can complete the complex packaging algorithm and optimize it instantly. Specifically, it can be highly efficient to optimize the pipe nesting plan, the palletizing plan, and the loading plan with 3D animation effects. The implementation of this project will significantly improve loading efficiency, reduce transportation costs, and greatly enhance customer experience.

In fact, RIFENG began to explore the way of digitization as early as 2016. It has invested more than $157 million to upgrade its manufacturing facilities and build a relatively complete digital system. From transformation to upgrading, RIFENG strives to be at the forefront of the industry-leading the trend of the piping industry forward digitization, intelligence, and eco-friendly manufacturing.

RIFENG smart factories