RIFENG Air Conditioning Piping System leads a new trend in cooling applications

Feb. 25, 2022

When spring comes, will summer be far behind? RIFENG Air Conditioning Piping System, consisting of multilayer pipes, fittings, and air conditioning trunking, is here and ready to provide you with an outstanding cooling solution in advance.

Multiple layers for multiple excellent properties

RIFENG Air Conditioning Piping System was launched to replace the traditional copper piping system in use because it’s lighter, more affordable, and easier to install. Also, it provides the same performance as traditional copper piping. The Multilayer Pipe is a PEX-AL-PEX five-layer composite pipe. The aluminum layer can significantly decrease heat expansion caused by change in temperature. Meanwhile, compared with copper pipes, the PEX layers provide for a relatively high level of flexibility so that the pipe can be installed and pulled through walls and ceilings in a continuous length with no welding or soldering needed. Additionally, thermal conductivity is 0.45w/m.k, which is far more efficient than copper pipes. Hence, you will not only save immensely when it comes to your installation time, but also your energy consumption. 
RIFENG Air Conditioning Piping System


Reliable fittings for a durable system

Based on our deep understanding of practical applications, RIFENG Air Conditioning Compression Fittings made of high-quality brass are designed to perfectly fit your pipes. It features high-pressure and corrosion resistance, and the equipped EPDM O-ring guarantees outstanding leak proofness for the entire system. 


Safe Air Conditioning Trunking for double assurance

Adopting high-grade PVC as raw material, RIFENG Air Conditioning Trunking has no peculiar smell and features excellent acid, alkali, and UV resistance. Hence, it can effectively protect the pipes and vastly prolong service life. Moreover, the trunking is not only self-extinguishing but also durable enough to withstand up to 2000 volts. With the modular seamless splicing installation, the whole system can achieve air and noise elimination as well as prevent pest infestation. Of course, the trunking also makes the piping look neater and more aesthetic. 

With high quality, professionalism, and the desire for perfection, RIFENG sincerely hopes to accompany you through every cool summer. 
Air Conditioning Piping System