Rifeng at Peru market

Jan. 02, 2020

Rifeng’s Peru agent has a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with Rifeng. At present, the main business target are gas system and plumbing systems. With so many years industry experience, Peru agent considers Rifeng’s products are in high quality and they would promote our brand and products to wider market with fully confident.

With the help of many years experience, Peru agent has their own way for market development.wholesale press fittings

It is well known that football is a popular sport and has wide participation in South America. With high passion of football, Peru agent held football championship with cooperative enterprises for few times in the weekend and went through successfully. Besides hoping to increase the communication among employees and enhance the cohesion of the team, the football championship also plays a certain propaganda effect. The football championship effectively promoted the brand of Rifeng and increased the local brand recognition, which considered to be one of the successful model activities in Peru.


(Football championship)

In addition to football championship, Peru agent also conducted a series of marketing activities in the region, such as new product release conference and trade shows.
Peru agent held a new product release conference at local hotel on May 2019.



(New product release conference)

Industry exhibition is another important promotion way. Peru agent has been actively participate in the local industry exhibitions in the past few years.


(Industry exhibition)

Now Peru agent has been working with Rifeng for many years and became an important role in Peru piping industry. In the long-term cooperation, Rifeng keeps in close contact with Peru agent and provides necessary support. It is also hoped that in the future cooperation, Peru agent and Rifeng can make further development and achieve win-win cooperation in the Peru market.pp-r pipe system

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