RIFENG: Changes and remains unchanged

Jul. 06, 2022

Keeps upgrading but never loses its original aspirations

Since 2020, the pandemic has swept across the world and greatly challenged the entire piping industry. RIFENG Group keeps forging ahead and has realized the upgradation from manufacturing to brand. Moreover, it’s their relentless pursuit of quality and excellence that has helped RIFENG win the trust of customers around the world.

Keyword 1: Production bases

Change: Expansion
Remain unchanged: Provide a stable and cost-effective piping supply

Foundation stones for two more of RIFENG’s production bases were successfully laid in North China and Northeast China in early 2022. To date, RIFENG has 8 factories. This not only ensures a stable piping supply for global customers but also minimizes the cost of transportation by optimizing the geographical advantages of every production base.

Keyword 2: Quality Control

Change: Intelligent manufacturing
Remain unchanged: All for guaranteed quality

RIFENG guarantees its quality from the source for every product, forming long-term strategic cooperation with top-tier raw material suppliers around the world like BASF, Borouge, Borealis, LG Chem, etc. In addition, to ensure the quality and reliability of products, RIFENG has kept the whole production process under its roof for years. In January 2022, the “RIFENG 5G Digital and Intelligent Factory Program” was launched. This program aims to improve efficiency and implement error prevention, guaranteeing quality throughout the production process.


Smart factory for infrastructure piping production



Keyword 3: Sustainable development

Change: More environmental protection facilities went into service
Remain unchanged: Aims to reach carbon neutral status

Recently, solar panels, exhaust-air purification systems, injection machines with infrared heating technology, and more environmental protection facilities have successfully gone into service in RIFENG factories. Energy consumption per 10 thousand dollars of output has decreased continuously for the past five years. With the decrease in energy consumption, the efficiency and cyclic utilization of energy have steadily increased.



Solar panels on the roof of RIFENG factories cover about 290,000 ㎡ 


RIFENG has always strived to be the inheritor of the craftsman spirit and has been dedicated to providing reliable piping solutions in plumbing, drainage, underfloor heating, gas, infrastructure, sanitary ware, and other sectors. Relying on powerful research and development, RIFENG serves more than 100 countries and regions globally. We will keep upgrading and innovating while also staying true to our original aspirations as we continue to forge ahead.