RIFENG Enterprise Group won the "Public Welfare Communication Award" and the "Corporate Social Responsibility Industry Model Award"

Mar. 16, 2021
On January 28-29, 2020, the 10th China Charity Festival, co-sponsored by, Shuyang Charity, and many other social media, was held in Shanghai. With its positive performance in the field of public welfare undertakings and outstanding contributions to highlight the power of brand role models, RIFENG Enterprise Group won the "2020 Public Welfare Communication Award" and the "2020 Corporate Social Responsibility Industry Model Award".

This year is the tenth year of the Charity Festival. This year's Charity Festival reviews the ten-year history of the Charity Festival in the form of a special ceremony, comprehensively displays the achievements of charity practice, and pays tribute to the annual charity practitioners. RIFENG Enterprise Group won two awards in this charity festival, becoming a representative of the strength of practicing charity.

At the beginning of 2020, in the face of the sudden epidemic, RIFENG is obliged to invest in the nation's fight against the epidemic as soon as possible. Beginning on January 25th, for three consecutive days, the necessary building materials such as pipelines, sanitary ware, sealants, etc. were sent to Wuhan and donated to the construction of HUOSHENSHAN Hospital for free.

In addition to actively participating in the "Vulcan Mountain" aid construction, RIFENG people across the country are facing difficulties and fully supporting the protection and construction work in various places. From the HENAN version of "XIAOTANGSHAN" to the SHANXI Isolation Hospital, from the Second People's Hospital of GUANGDONG Province to the Emergency Infectious Diseases Hospital of NANTONG, SICHUAN... RIFENG people always appear on the front-line of the anti-epidemic with a charging attitude. Actions to help localities fight the epidemic.

In recent years, RIFENG has been actively involved in public welfare activities, fulfilling corporate social responsibility, and using practical actions to help groups in need through public welfare forms such as student assistance, love and care, charity on foot, and disaster relief. In the past 2020, in addition to helping the construction of anti-epidemic assistance, the brand month has also been used to help people who have been deeply affected by the epidemic, and to the elderly from rural to urban areas, unemployed laid-off workers, and other low-income and non-income people. , To provide them with material support, help them solve their difficulties, drive and promote employment, and bring them the dawn and hope of life again.

On the way forward in the future, RIFENG will continue to fulfill its responsibilities, promote public welfare, and pass on the positive energy of society, and continue to give back to the society through public welfare actions, adhere to good deeds, and pass on RIFENG's temperature.