RIFENG F18 Multi-jaw Press Fittings Achieve Another International Certificate

Jun. 19, 2021
At the beginning of this June, RIFENG F18 Multi-jaw Press Fittings (the large sizes of 40/50/63/75 mm) have achieved NF mark by AFNOR Certification.

Outstanding reliability attested by NF Certificate
What is the significance of obtaining the NF mark for RIFENG F18 Multi-jaw Press Fittings? The NF mark, issued by AFNOR Certification, certifies that an industrial or consumer product complies with quality and safety criteria defined in French, European or international standards. 

More specifically, the certificate attests that RIFENG F18 Multi-jaw Press Fittings have been assessed by AFNOR Certification and found to conform with the standards specified in the NF – Piping systems for hot and cold water installations certification scheme. Furthermore, it proves that the conventional life of F18 fittings is 50 years.

Ceaseless pursuit of quality, safety & durability
The large-size F18 Multi-jaw Press Fittings, suitable for U/TH profiles, are amazingly easy to install. Firstly, the fittings feature 3 unique O-rings to guarantee much better sealing performance. Secondly, the fittings are designed with a leakage indicator, i.e., leak before press, assuring users of zero risk of leakage as well as unrivalled product quality.

As of now, all series of the RIFENG F18 Multi-jaw Press Fittings, which include small sizes (16 /20/25/26/32 mm) and large sizes (40/50/63/75mm), have all certified by NF.

Apart from NF certification, the F18 fittings have achieved following certificates by far:
   1. QB — “Quality in Building” issued by the CSTB, a certification to maximize the legibility of benchmarks for the quality, performance and reliability of products, services and stakeholders in the construction sector;
   2.ACS — Certificate of Sanitary Conformity, certifying that products in contact with drinking water do not present any danger and therefore meet the sanitary standards required by the Ministry of Health (France).

What’s more, RIFENG F18 Multi-jaw Press Fittings are well-suit for RIFENG Multilayer Pipes, among which PEX-AL-PEX (B1 Series) has also obtained the NF Certificate. The Multilayer Pipes are born with excellent resistance to heat, pressure, and corrosion. Additionally, the pipes have powerful barriers against permeation of oxygen and light, further guaranteeing safer water delivery.

In short, the quality, safety, and durability of RIFENG F18 Multi-jaw Press Fittings, RIFENG Multilayer Pipes as well, are greatly promised to enhance partners’ confidence and safeguard user’s healthy life.