Rifeng Fancy Kitchen Faucet Won the 2017 German Red Dot Award

Jul. 08, 2017

The Red Dot Design Award ceremony was held in the Essen Aalto theater in Germany on July 3rd, 2017. The Fancy kitchen faucet, designed and developed by Rifeng Group, stood out from more than 5,500 outstanding works worldwide and won the 2017 Red Dot Award for product design. In addition to the online display in the Red Dot Awards website, the award-winning products will be exhibited at the Red Dot Design Museum in Essen, Germany, and will be regularly exhibited in design cities around the world.

As an international authoritative award, the Red Dot Award, together with the German iF Design Award and the American IDEA Award, is praised as the world's three major industrial design awards. The winning of this honor means that Rifeng's design has substantially advanced in the global sanitary industry.

According to Mr. Zhong Puhua, the chief designer of Rifeng sanitary brand, the design team has devoted a lot of efforts to the Fancy faucet. "Fancy" faucet takes the homonym of the ancient Chinese emperor's seal and conveys the supreme demeanor. It also incorporates the design elements of the Chinese philosophy “Fangyuan” (Fanand means rectangular and round) and has a combination of rose gold and black paint. At the same time, the design team also focused on the ease of use of the product from an ergonomic perspective. An excellent bathroom product must take into consideration of the user's point of view, continuously solve the user's pain points and optimize the user experience, thus enabling this product t have perfect use value. This is also the main factor that makes the Fancy faucet be recognized by the International Organizing Committee.

Looking back upon the design and development process of the fancy kitchen faucet, its original design is very different from the ordinary kitchen faucet on the market. In order to free hands, this faucet features a push-button pause function. The one-button pause or start function removes the water temperature adjustment when the faucet is turned on and off.

During the design process, the design team has been deeply digging into the user's use scene, and the front end of the product is designed as a removable shower head, so that the cleaning can reach every corner you want to rinse.The Fancy 's bubbler can be switched between two types of water, and it can also achieve water-saving effect. This is in line with the concept of the red dot award "design to promote harmony between the environment and human".

The sanitary ware industry has been developed in China for more than 20 years, and it now feature a serious homogenization phenomenon. To find a foothold in the arena, the business needs a forward-looking vision and strong strength. In the future, Rifeng will always pursue innovative design, apply the fine design to the products and deliver a high quality and joyful life.