RIFENG Gas Piping System: Flexible Yet Stable

Sep. 30, 2021

If gas pipe is corroded after being used for a long time, especially for its inner wall, toxic carbides will be invisibly fly to every nook and corner at home, seriously damaging human health.

Safety is the top priority

Integrating the advantages of plastic and metal pipes with 5-layer design, RIFENG Gas Piping System features gas-constituents-resistance more than 30 h (80℃,2MPa). In other words,  it has stronger performance to prevent gas leak.

According to the report of KWD in 2016, RIFENG became the first manufacturer that obtained AENOR in the world, the well-known Spanish gas certification. Meanwhile, RIFENG was also the first and only manufacturer that got the certification in Asia! It has further proved that RIFENG Gas Piping is high-quality, reliable, and safe for gas distribution.

Flexible yet stable

It is so flexible that it can be bent easily, even by one hand. Hence, it can remarkably improve installation efficiency, 50% faster than pipes made of stainless steel and iron. Besides, once bent, the RIFENG Gas Piping can recover to its original form quickly. More than “form stability”, the piping also has stable chemical properties. That’s to say, it can resist to corrosion, acid and alkali.



In addition, RIFENG Gas Pipes have more powerful resistances. They are suitable for use in working temperatures up to 60℃. Also, given its outstanding production quality and strict quality process, it offers much more pressure resistance than any other systems, being able to withstand accidental pressure of up to 10 bar (DB1Butt-welded)

Connect all you want

RIFENG Gas Piping System, apart from excellent piping, it also offers a full range of multi-jaw press fittings and valves. The pipe size and model are varied, so are the fittings, from 16mm to 75mm. And the connecting ways are also various. If you prefer press fitting, you can select F5 Fitting (U Profile) or F9 Fitting (TH Profile) . Or you can choose compression fittings, no more special tools in installation, but more time saved.

With RIFENG F-type tee and gas manifold directly connected to gas meter, you can use less fittings and gas leak possibility can be decreased. Moreover, gas automatic shut-off valve and magnetic locking valve are available to better keep gas supply safe and good for management.


Gas is invisible and has distinct smelled, but it can’t be detected easily in the open, therefore it will leak slowly to the end. So choosing reliably safe piping is of much importance. And RIFENG Gas Piping System is always ready to safeguard every customer with trustworthy quality.  

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