Rifeng has once again won four German IF awards

Feb. 16, 2019
Recently, the selection of the 2019 German iF Design Award ( IF DESIGN AWARD 2019 ) has been unveiled. The Cranes faucet, Pure-Plus filter faucet, Smart ring faucet smart ring faucet and With U bathroom smart handrails designed by Rifeng Sanitary Team stand out from 6,400 works worldwide, won the favor and recognition of the judges and finally won four iF design awards. This is another international award that Rifeng has won ever since the 2017 Red Dot Award and the two iF Awards in 2018. 

The Cranes Faucet
The design of this faucet is inspired by the crane for the construction of high-rise buildings. The simple geometric design gives the impression of slimness and elegance. In addition, the design of the 90 degree rotation meets the users' different needs.

Pure-plus Filter Faucet

The Pure-Plus faucet combines the faucet with filter and does not require additional filtration equipment. It is easy to filter tiny impurities, harmful substances, residual chlorine, rust and red worms in tap water by simply replacing the filter inside the faucet. The design is simple, cost-saving and ensuring water safety.

Smart Ring Faucet

This faucet is a multi-function faucet that combines a water-saving waterfall mode, an ultraviolet sterilization mode and a warm air drying mode. After washing the hand in the waterfall mode, the user only needs to gently touch the touch switch on the faucet to turn on the ultraviolet sterilization mode and the warm air drying mode, which is simple and convenient to operate.

With U smart toilet armrest 

The armrest is integrally formed by PU and steel pipe, and the base is made of high-quality steel structure, utilizing the surface treatment of electrophoresis. The installation on both sides is more comfortable, the triangle is stable and the folding design is more convenient, meeting the aesthetic needs of modern people. This faucet is suitable for the disabled and the senior citizens. It also allows physical condition detection for different users and will save the information on the mobile app for keep track of  health.