RIFENG in Thailand Architect Expo’19

May. 06, 2019
RIFENG, a professional global supplier of plastic piping systems, partakes in the Architect Expo’19 during Apr.30 to May.5 in Bangkok, Thailand, at the booth #S615, Challenge Hall 3.

It is the first show time of RIFENG blue in Thailand. RIFENG adopts its new visual identity to the booth design, a bright, clear and memorable space, to adapt to the fast pace of modern life and business. Numerous visitors were attracted and started to talk. We appreciated the recognition from them and glad to share the service concept of RIFENG. 

As a comprehensive piping system supplier, RIFENG exhibits five piping systems : PP-R drinking water pipe system, Multilayer drinking water pipe system, Multilayer gas pipe system, Multilayer A/C pipe system and UPVC drainage system, together with PP-R fittings, compression brass fittings, press fittings and push-fit fittings. RIFENG products and produce technology are widely certified by international institutes. You could easily find the certificates on the wall, for example, NSF from U.S., DVGW from German, WRAS from UK, ACS from France, etc.

Visitors, like developers, contractors, designers, plumbers, owners, even exhibitors, come to RIFENG booth for industry knowledge, consultancy or sharing. As always, RIFENG team fulfills its duty with joint effort, enthusiastic services and professional attitude to response every requests: product introduction, installation demo, and conveyance of RIFENG value. And we are fortunate to gain positive feedback from all of the friends and visitors during the exhibition.

To optimize the product design and reduce risk of leakage in theoretical aspect as much as possible, RIFENG adopts the unique swallow tale structure in every PP-R fittings with threads. As we all know, plastic has different thermal expansion with brass, thus when the fittings subject to heat, gap may occur between the plastic and brass then cause leakage. RIFENG PP-R fittings solves this problem with reliable tightness realized by swallow tale design.

RIFENG PP-R fittings have other two special features:

- 36 biting points around the brass insert strength the axial connection between brass and plastic.

- Anti-over twist ring inside the insert help avoid damages caused over twisting when installing the equipment like water taps.

Other than the classic specification, RIFENG also brings new designs in this expo: large-arc elbow, sweep junction, S coupling, Three-dimension elbow, corner Tee, side-outlet Tee, etc. These new fittings are designed to replace multi-joint connection in limited space, to simplify pipe line design, shorten installation time, and reduce pressure loss in fittings. They are created by the combination of countless experience from master plumbers and innovative thinking from RIFENG technicians. Visitors are surprised and interesting in these new ideas; some said they would like share their thinking with RIFENG also.

Many thanks for all these inspirations. RIFENG will never stop seeking creative solutions to serve every customers. Welcome to RIFENG, we are waiting for you in Thailand and around the world!