Rifeng Indonesia Supported Pertamina Jaya Hospital in Jakarta

Apr. 23, 2020

The number of COVID-19 infectors has increased significantly in Indonesia.Over 4,000 confirmed cases were reported by 15th April, 2020. In order to increase the health-care capability in Jakarta, the national epicenter of the outbreak, the government decided to build several makeshift hospitals.


In early March, the state-owned oil and gas company PT Pertamina started to transfer the Pertamina Jaya Hospital (RSPJ) into a referral hospital for COVID-19 patients in central Jakarta. This hospital focuses on the treatment of moderate to severe patients. There are 65 isolation rooms and a laboratory for the novel coronavirus tests with daily test capability of 1,400 samples1. Negative air pressure technology is also equipped, which can filter the air content to a normal level so as to reduce the possibility of virus infection.




Rifeng Indonesia has payed close attention on this outbreak. When learning of this COVID-19 designated hospital project, Rifeng Indonesia immediately offered the PP-R plumbing system to the project, which has a great performance on hygienic safety. Because of the high infection rate of coronavirus, it is important to treat and isolate infected patients as soon as possible. Pertamina Jaya Hospital (RSPJ) project had strict requirement on delivery time, therefore Rifeng Indonesia delivered products as well as installation tools at the same day of order placement.




Now, Pertamina Jaya Hospital (RSPJ) has been launched and used. More and more COVID-19 designated hospitals projects are planning to construct. The more makeshift hospitals available, the more effective can this outbreak be conctroled. Rifeng Indonesia will continue to keep an eye on the situation in order to provide necessary support against the outbreak.



1. “Pertamina Hospital in Jakarta to handle coronavirus patients, laboratory tests”, The Jakarta Post, April 8, 2020