Rifeng Indonesia team visited Rifeng Headquarter in Foshan

Dec. 31, 2019

In order to enrich communication and information sharing between subsidiaries and headquarter, on October 2019, Rifeng Indonesia Group came to China and had a visit on Rifeng Headquarter in Foshan. During four days visit, RII managers team not only received information sharing from different departments of Headquarter but also conducted site visit on factory, RIIFO showroom and Jiangmen. 


(Group photo of Rifeng Indonesia Team)

The visit to headquarter began with information sharing and learning. Marketing team of Overseas department conducted a presentation on Rifeng cooperation, Rifeng brand strategy and product training. On this section, RII managers team had a discussion with marketing team specifically on New VI Packing, Product specification and Rifeng Guard . fittings plumbing


(Rifeng Brand Strategy and Product Trianing)

On the purpose of getting a deeper understanding of products and manufacturing processes, RII managers team went to visit Rifeng’s biggest factory in Sanshui, Foshan with the guidance of our product engineers. First, they took a look at our well-designed and modern showroom in the factory. With high-tech and unique style, showroom presents all our products and service in a different way. RII managers team were attracted by the design of the showroom and the product systems especially the demonstration device of Long Radius Elbow.


(Site visit at Showroom)

The key point of this visit was to have a certain understanding of the production process and the advanced instruments currently in use by the company. Therefore, RII managers team went through production workshops one by one to have a look on the production process and our high-tech production machines. Based on the product categories sold in Indonesia market, they focused on PVC and PPR production workshops. Production engineers explained to them in detail on how the pipes being produced, how those machines working and the technical information behind. During the visit, RII team was very impressed by the fully automatic storage system of the factory and the capacity ability of our warehouse.  


(Site visit at production workshop)

Lab was another focus of this trip. Rifeng engineers showed RII team on how to conduct drawing tests, cold bending tests, and other performance tests on the tubes. At the end of the site visit, RII managers team were trained on the pipe connection and installation.pvc parameter


(Product technology sharing)

Since RIIFO showroom store serves as one of the important reference to enhance brand awareness, on the other day, the sales team and the marketing team of the subsidiaries group went to visit the RIIFO showroom store in Foshan under the guidance of the headquarters. The subsidiary team was attracted by the unique, luxurious and clean decoration style of RIIFO showroom. The subsidiary team were explained in detail about the key points of decoration, product display, customer experience center and other hidden points at RIIFO showroom store.


(Site visit at RIIFO showroom)

Later on, RII team had a short trip to Jiangmen and this trip aimed to get more ideas about marketing and sales experience from the local Rifeng agents. In addition to visiting the stores and warehouses, two teams conducted a in-depth communication and experience sharing including sales analysis, marketing strategies and market development. This trip to Jiangmen provided a good chance for both domestic market and Indonesia market to discuss about the challenge and future plans.


(Experience sharing with local agents in Jiangmen)

During the visit at the headquarter, the RII team paid more attention on product knowledge and market experience, they also hoped to combined the successful past experience of the headquarters with their local actual situation for further improvement and development. In the future, Rifeng hopes that the headquarters can lead the subsidiary to make progress together and go further.


(Group photo with local agents)

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