RIFENG powered the construction of Kempton Towers with its one-stop piping solutions

Mar. 16, 2023

Wearing a helmet and a pair of gloves, Matthew and Clint, the sales managers of RIFENG South Africa Exclusive Agency Team, went out of the construction site after conducting an installation inspection on the piping system. “The construction progress far exceeds the expectation,” Matthew said as he looked up at the 9-story tall Kempton Towers.

Kempton Towers was a Social Housing Regulatory Authority Project with a specific funding model, funding requirements, and an extremely tight timeframe. This project required a cost-efficient construction solution without compromising on quality. With a trustworthy reputation in the South African market, RIFENG won the bidding through its strength in providing one-stop piping solutions.

“The word ‘one-stop’ means RIFENG has a strong capability to make an extensive product portfolio available,” Clint said. Covering pipes from 16mm to 75mm, the complete product specification enables RIFENG Multilayer Pipe to meet the needs of different applications. Additionally, RIFENG’s capability in keeping both piping and fitting production under its own roof ensures client confidence. “If an entire piping system including both piping and fittings is under one brand, each part of the piping system will be better matched, making a leakproof and reliable piping system a reality.”

One-stop piping solutions not only refer to an extensive product range but also a series of thoughtful services. With the support of a well-developed logistics system and adequate inventory, RIFENG’s products were delivered on time, keeping the project on track under extremely tight deadlines. “”To facilitate the installation, our professional sales team also provided on-site training for plumbers and assisted them in speeding up the installation by using electric crimping tools suitable for fittings of various sizes. “”

With high-quality products and world-class services, RIFENG keeps expanding its brand influence in the local market. In 2022, RIFENG’s piping systems have been used in over 20 projects, gaining much recognition from our clients.


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