RIFENG PPR Fittings: simple, yet powerful

Aug. 16, 2021
Are you looking for plumbing fittings that are efficient and easy for installation? You want standardized guidance? You need product that is different from others?

Well, RIFENG PPR Fitting series is your perfect choice!

There are all kinds of plumbing fittings, and why RIFENG ppr fittings are different? It is because that RIFENG PPR Fittings, go beyond the ordinary. 

Larger flow for more comfort

A. Large arc for fast flow
B. Stiffener for strengthened durability
C. Clear signs of flow direction 
D. Convenient connection to various dimension piping

Upgraded design to improve installation efficiency by 50%!

A.Integrated molding
B.Convenient installation
C.Good to satisfy growing demands
D.Non-toxic, safe, durable, and reliable

U-shape Tap Elbow

A.Instant heating for enjoyable bathing 
B.Make all water dynamics and 
Less fusion welding, more efficiency

Unique Swallow-Tailed Structure: Bye, Leakage

A.36 contact points & 12 anti-slide teeth 
B.Excellent air-proof performance 
C.Safer connections

A qualified household ppr plumbing system is of much significance, not only to people’s daily comfort, but to their safety and health. RIFENG PPR Fitting series, looks simple yet works powerful, are right here to build you a better tomorrow.