RIFENG Pre-Filter R3 Series: A better design for a healthier life

Mar. 08, 2022
How does a pre-filter wash sediments away fast and thoroughly? How does a pre-filter ensure every drop of water is clean and safe for your family? Reliability, hygiene, and excellent quality. At the beginning of 2022, RIFENG launched its Pre-Filter R3 Series featuring an all-round upgrade of the functions and materials over the RIFENG Pre-Filter R2 Series. Let’s take a closer look.

Twin turbines significantly improve flow rate 

A mini spray gun equipped in the R3 Pre-Filter allows the flow to effectively wash away the sediments collected on the filter screen. The twin turbines form with the swirling device that forces the water flow to rotate 360°at high pressure and speed. This cleans the filter screen and filter bottle thoroughly from the inside out. Therefore, working with the rotary scraper in the pre-filter, the twin turbines improve the cleaning effect by 50%.


Light and oxygen insulation fully guarantees your all-round health

Coated with light-insulating materials, the pre-filter shell can effectively insulate light and oxygen. This allows the pre-filter shell to prohibit the growth of bacteria in the bottle and also reduce the damage caused by ultraviolet radiation to the filter bottle and the scraping rack. In addition, the shell with our magnetic suction design is user-friendly and easy to disassemble, allowing access to the interior of the bottle. 



Real-time detection makes pressure data easily accessible

With a precise pressure gauge at the top, the R3 pre-filter can monitor water pressure in real time. This allows convenient access to the water pressure data and which can protect all kinds of household plumbing equipment.


Food-grade mesh filter element is built to last longer

The mesh filter element made of 316L stainless steel is durable and doesn’t require frequent replacement. Also, its precision of up to 40μm is certified by HACCP (International Food Security Certification). This certifies its effective blocking of rust, slit, and other harmful impurities of the local water plumbing systems and also preventing secondary pollution. 



Aerospace-grade PA pre-filter bottle features excellent performance

Quality is always what we care about the most. The R3 pre-filter bottle has gone through the water hammer test up to 200,000 times from 0 to 1.2Mpa, illustrating its outstanding pressure resistance. What’s more, the bottle has endured a 3-hour extreme freezing test at -30°C and 1.6MPa, showing its outstanding performance in extreme situations. 

Water is our source of life. RIFENG always holds a customer-oriented position and continues to upgrade its products to guarantee your health through a clean and safe water supply