Rifeng provided assistance in construction materials on six hospitals in five regions

Feb. 12, 2020

In early February, all parts of the country were on edge because of the outbreak. In some areas, makeshift hospitals were being set up for patients suffered from novel coronavirus. Rifeng is paying attention on the situation and looking for ways to provide necessary assistance. After fully communicating with the contractors of various hospitals to understand their needs, Rifeng has provided assistance in construction materials such as PVC pipes, PPR pipes and so on to 6 hospitals in 5 regions including Chaozhou, Guangdong province and Xi 'an, Shaanxi province in the past week.



(Rifeng's products were under preparation) 


Since the demand being receiving, Rifeng immediately implemented the product requirements, scheduled area dispatching, arranged the logistics vehicles and quickly sent to the construction site. Rifeng worried that the delivery from the group warehouse could not catch up with the progress of the project. Therefore, Rifeng immediately contacted the local agents to arrange the nearby deployment and allocate construction materials.



(Rifeng's products were under preparation) 


As a matter of fact, when our staff in various areas received the demand for materials, they immediately returned to work from their leave and quickly completed the allocation and coordination of materials, ensuring that the materials would be delivered to the hospital contractor within 48 hours. Until now, all the aid materials have been used for makeshift hospitals construction.



(PVC pipes arrived at the hospital construction sites)



(Rifeng's prodcuts were used for construction)


When the whole country made concerted efforts to fight against the epidemic, not only the piping products of Rifeng went to the front line, but also the workers of Rifeng went to the front line to contribute to the construction of the makeshift hospitals.

Liu, who joined Rifeng in 2009, took the initiative to volunteer for the construction of two makeshift hospitals in Wuhan upon learning that during his leave in Hubei. He arrived at the hospital more than 10 days ago to work on the lay out of the water supply and electricity pipes. Mr. Liu said he was proud of the company when he saw construction materials provided by Rifeng arrived at the Huoshenshan hospital. At the same time, he felt honor to do his part and contributed to the fight against the epidemic.



(Rifeng's workers at front line for hospital construction)


Rifeng believe that with the joint efforts of all sectors of the society, the epidemic will be defeated. 

Stay strong Wuhan. 

Love for China.