RIFENG PVC Drainage System: Performance First, Price Second

Aug. 31, 2021
Only Go for the Right, Not the Costly
In daily life, many customers are used to choosing over-priced products, because they think expensive goods are really good. But, in terms of PVC drainage, good piping may not be pricy, and cheaper product may not be better. So, what is cost-effective indeed? Which is the best for you? Here is the answer—RIFENG PVC Drainage System.

RFENG PVC Drainage System consists of 2 series, they are PVC Solid Pipes and PVC Helix Pipes. Recognized by EPD and CE, the pipes are eco-friendly and safe, widely applied in residential, commercial, and infrastructural buildings.

Blast Past Fast: RIFENG Ultrafast Drainage Solution
Designed with extremely smooth inner wall, the PVC Solid Pipes have very little resistance to water flow. Consequently, the Pipes can fasten drainage speed by 30%, compared to common iron pipes with the same diameter.

Moreover, built with high-quality polyvinyl chloride resins and powerful processing additives, the pipes feature outstanding flexibility and high impact resistance. According to the press tests conducted by RIFENG Lab, the pipes show no crack after being squashed to over 40%. And the pipes are characterized with strong flame retardancy. That means, if the piping is burnt, flames will extinguish automatically after 30 seconds.  

Rule the Quiet: RIFENG Silent Drainage Solution
Hear what you want, not what you don’t. Sometimes, it is very embarrassing to hear the drainage noise. To solve this problem, RIFENG launched “Silencing Drainage Solution”. there are 2 pipes designed for this solution—Helix Pipe and Strengthen Helix Pipe. Designed with helical inner wall, the Helix Pipe leads water to flow along the helix structure, during which it decreases collision between air and water. Therefore, it ensures excellent noise cancelling in drainage.  

As for Strengthen Helix Pipe, it has double PVC protective layers with honeycomb-shape hollow design and a helical inner wall. The honeycomb-shape hollow design can improve stiffness and block out the noise. The pipe overall can decrease the discharging noise by 10-15db, unrivalled silencing performance with no doubt.

The Perfect Matches “Fit” Drainage Best
Good piping needs good fitting. RIFNEG offer a full range of fittings perfectly suitable for PVC drainage piping.

First, the stiffener structure. This unique design can strengthen the overall support for F30 fitting. And because of its quick reaction to force changes, it can further enhance fitting’s impact resistance. On the whole, with scientific design, the stiffener can strongly improve the durability and stability for the drainage system.

Second, H-shape fitting. It can separate the discharge of water and gas, making drainage easier and faster. And its central distance is changeable, which can simplify piping installation and increase construction flexibility.

This year, RIFENG PVC Drainage System shows impressive performance in Africa, espcially in Mauritius, Tanzania, and Ethiopia, with estamate sales of millions US dollors. With the strateagy of “Performace First, Price Second,” RIFENG PVC Drainage System is going to serve more people with trustworthy piping and afforable price. RIFENG, as always, keep marching on its way to build a better life for everyone everywhere.
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