RIFENG R2 Pre-filter: all for your purer life

Jul. 29, 2021
Small particles in tap water? Odd water color and smell? Pipes are clogging and corrosion?
Maybe it is all because you didn’t find the pre-filter right for you.

Say bye-bye to sediment

As people pay more attention to a healthy and quality lifestyle, lots of families have installed household pre-filters. RIFENG Pre-filter series can get rid of particulate at the very entrance to your home.

Removing small particles, RIFENG Pre-filter series can prevent visible grains of rust, red worms, algae, or silt in water from destroying your relaxing bath. Secondly, it reduces water color and unpleasant smell caused by micro particles of rust or silt, refreshing you with hygiene every day. Thirdly, it protects your household appliances, and decreases your household maintenance bills by preventing your water heaters, washing machines, tubs and irrigation equipment from clogging and corrosion. Meanwhile, this may improve water pressure during shower. By lessening micro particles of iron in tap water, it protects your clothes from coloring because of rusty stains, making your laundering more effective. Furthermore, it offers a storage bag equipped with comprehensive tools to make installation more convenient.

RIFENG R2: the household pre-filter goes pro
The RIFENG Pre-filters include R1 Series and R2 Series. And RIFEG R2 Pre-filter, it should be noted, has won lots of good reputation since its debut in Estonia recently.

Why RIFENG R2 is so popular?

 1. Upgraded materials

Filter mesh is upgraded with 40μm SUS316L materials, more durable and effective in preventing harmful particles; the filtering body is built with aerospace-grade PA material, which is resistant to extremely low temperature for a long time; cleaning parts made from eco-friendly POM materials and silica gel can work well at - 40 ℃ ~ 100 ℃ for long without degradation, making cleaning easier, safer and less frequent.

2.Siphonage backwashing 
The side-by-side siphon tank will suck away impurities embedded in the filter mesh, so as to realize effective decontamination without washing after disassembly!

3. Purification backwashing

Double filter meshes design. After opening the rinse valve, it automatically starts backwashing from inside to outside of the meshes, significantly improving wash efficiency and realizing a long-term cleaning without disassembly!

4. Two-sided rinse
Thoroughly rinse both the outside and inside. Once the function start, pre-filter’s inner and outer sides will be washed from all angles, which can protect the machine while achieve overall and convenient cleaning without disassembly.

5. Intelligent cleaning
With intelligent controller, it enables you to set up washing cycle and time as you like, no more manual periodic cleaning!

6. Intelligent cleaning
With intelligent controller, it enables you to set up washing cycle and time as you like, no more manual periodic cleaning!

As we all know, water is irreplaceable valuable to every life. Without water safety, there is no more health and sustainability. And RIFENG R2 Pre-filter is always ready to safeguard every drop of water for you and your family.