Rifeng Sanitary Ware Production Base Officially Settled in Heshan

Dec. 26, 2017

Jiangmen (Heshan) and Foshan Investment Fair targeted "Jiangfo Industrial Integration" was held in Foshan on September 26th 2017. Mr. Ou Weiji, Vice President of Rifeng Group attended the fair and signed a contract with Heshan industrial city management committee, Zhishan town government and Longkou town government for the its sanitary ware manufacturing base located at Heshan.

The first phase of Heshan Rifeng sanitary base is an important project invested by Rifeng Group and an vital part of the group's strategy. Rifeng plans to inject 500 million yuan into the project which covers an area of 155 acres,

and has a total construction area of over 130,000 square meters. The production base will cover small and large bathroom hardware, leisure and smart sanitary ware. It is planned to be mass-produced by 2020. Once the project is completed and put into production, Rifeng Group will introduce the state-of-art technology and equipment, greatly improve the level of automation and intelligence for production, and promote industrial transformation and upgrading. 

The investment in the Heshan Sanitary Ware Production Base is of great significance to Rifeng's strategic deployment. 

"Heshan is a integration hub of the sanitary ware industry at home. Most of the sanitary accessories factories are gathering in the towns of Zhishan and Kaiping. The relocation of the Rifeng sanitary ware base to Heshan will reduce the operating costs. In addition, Heshan City has given certain benefits to Rifeng in terms of taxation and land." said Mr. Ou Weiji.

In recent years, Jiangmen has become the arena of the Zhuxi Strategy (Zhuxi means the west bank of the Pearl river). Heshan, the gateway to west of the Pearl river, has attracted many well-known domestic and foreign enterprises to settle down. Zhishan town, China's base for plumbing and sanitary hardware industry, is one of the 15 national industrial bases in Jiangmen city.  It has formed a large-scale and complete industrial chain, which provides the very support for Rifeng's expansion in sanitary ware field. 

The investment in the Heshan sanitary ware production base is a commercial initiative made by the Group based on its solid brand, comprehensive strength and strategy. Rifeng sanitary ware will be centered at Heshan base in the future. The production scale will reach the leading level in the industry and increasingly meet the demand for channel products. Rifeng Group has been enhancing its R&D and aspiring to provide consumers with more high-quality products.