Rifeng silicone structural sealant certified by CCMSA

Sep. 28, 2018
The experts from China Construction Metal Structure Association (CCMSA) visited Rifeng Sanshui Industrial Park on August 3, valuing if it is entitled to produce silicone structural sealants for building, targeting a high-end market.

Since started in 2010, Rifeng has been supplying silicone structural sealants through retail channel. Over eight years, Rifeng has always been customer-centered and gets  fruitful in terms of production scale, R&D and sales of silicone structural sealants. Rifeng set about to apply for this certification in 2017, the most superior Rifeng ever had, and is confident in passing the inspection this time albeit the complicated procedures and standards. This certification primarily focuses on the facilities, R&D, technology, quality control as well as the whole production environment. Rifeng just took one and half a year to enter into the final phase of certification that less than t of one hundred companies are entitled to have each year.

Rifeng supplies building sealants encompassing silicone structural sealant, silicone weather proof sealant, anti-mildew sealant and silicone stone sealant etc, that have been applied in residential and commercial buildings. The certification means a lot for Rifeng to tap into project channels and marks a monument during its high-speed development.

                                    (Rifeng Silicone Sealants Workshop)

                                                     (CCMSA experts visit Rifeng)