RIFENG : The basic and advanced plumbing skills training program with GIZ

Dec. 17, 2019
In recent years, under the initiative of China The Belt And The Road and the background of deepening cooperation on production capacity, many Chinese enterprises have came to the East African country, Ethiopia, for investment and construction and have provided a great amount of job opportunities.fittings plumbing

Rifeng, as a global leading provider in piping systems, is also committed to providing local employment opportunities and upgrading professional skills of relevant staffs in Ethiopia. Rifeng also signed a three-way joint training program with the local Ethiopian government and GIZ. GIZ is an international cooperative committed to sustainable development worldwide, providing forward-looking solutions for global policy, economic, ecological and social development. Ethiopian participants are all fresh graduates from local universities. We were commissioned by the government and GIZ to develop related skills, such as design and layout of water and electricity pipelines in the building and so on. In the future, these students might also become engineers, working together with us in different places to promote Ethiopia's economy and sustainable development.

(Professional training for Ethiopia group)

At the same time, Rifeng is also building our own water engineering team in Ethiopia in order to provide more professional and safe services for customers and improve the overall construction and installation level of the industry.

African market has great potential and has always been a region valued by Rifeng. Rifeng will continue to cooperate with all parties in Ethiopia for further development.


(Group photo with Ethiopia group)
fittings plumbing