RIFENG U-Shape Female Elbow: the right way to warm you right away

Jul. 30, 2021

No matter in which season, or in shower, cooking and laundry, warm water is always necessary. Especially in autumn and winter, hot water becomes even more critical. With the purpose of improving people's daily life, RIFENG has launched "U-shaped Female Elbow", a perfect match for circulation backwater pump, keeping you warm immediately at any time.

Instant heating makes bathing more comfortable
RIFENG U-shaped Female Elbow is used to connect each hot water point, and it is installed between hot water piping and backwater piping. It not only improves construction efficiency, but also activates every drop of water in the hot water circulation. Perfectly matching for RIFENG Circulation Backwater Pump, the elbow immensely reduces heating waiting, therefore it makes your shower much easier and more enjoyable.

Embedded O-rings for enhanced sealing
With unique double O-rings embedded, the elbow can provide better bidirectional sealing performance after installation. It's time to say goodbye to leakage accidents!

Press fitting for fast & safe connecting
RIFENG U-shaped Female Elbow is installed by press fitting, which is not only resistant to compression and earthquake, but easier for installation! Moreover, press fitting can greatly enhance long-lasting sealing, remarkably preventing leakage and guaranteeing you a worry-free and effortless life. 

Copper design for extended lifespan
Built with high-quality copper, the elbow features outstanding resistance to high temperature and corrosion, longer lifespan, and 0% possibility of water pollution.

Systemic installation
Cold water plumbing distribution. Install a manifold to realize separate plumbing with independent hot water supply. 

Hot water and backwater plumbing distribution. Utilize RIFENG U-shaped Female Elbow to connect each hot water point with backwater piping, which will activate hot water distribution at a whole, no more dead-end but dynamics plumbing!

Install RIFENG Circulation Backwater Pump. With visible installation, keep the pump 30 cm away from the water heater installed above as well as the water outlet installed below.

Extraordinary yet effortless, RIFENG U-shaped Female Elbow enables you to embrace a comfortable and convenient life every day!