RIIFO Bathroom Showroom creates direct customer experience

Dec. 22, 2019

With the acceleration of people's pace of life, the requirements for various products are also significantly improved. Sanitary ware products serve as the clean equipment which is indispensable in daily life, also become the products with higher requirements on the use experience. Therefore, whether to provide customers with more comfortable and convenient products, has become the direction of the development of most of the brand.



In order to better serve the majority of customers, improve customer experience, and let every consumer can actually feel the advantages of RIIFO bathroom products, RIIFO has set up a direct customer experience center to provide customers with the most intuitive product experience such as self pickup service, after-sales service and technical support services. It is reported that riifo direct customer experience center is set up based to the demand from current consumer product experience and purchase process. At the same time, it is also a communication place for every consumer. Customers can share the demand for bathroom products here, in order to help RIIFO in the development of understanding customer needs, solving product weakness and improving product performance.


The first showroom of RIIFO is about 2300 square meters. In this grand space, every detail has a sense of design. When the door head is designed, water element and “O” were added to make the natural element and modern high-end feeling fit perfectly. In terms of expression, simple and fashionable dynamic line LED is adopted to interpret the innovative spirit and unique personality of RIIFO brand.


In fact, the design of the door head is only the tip of the experience center, the real high-end element is hidden in every corner of the center. With three floor and eight user experience zones, mirror element layout and simple style, RIIFO experience center presents a perfect combination of art and design.

Walking into the experience area, the first thing you see is the lobby. Lobby main background design inspiration comes from the water ripples, from a distance, contracted aesthetic feeling arises spontaneously which build an elegant atmosphere.  Both sides of the bookcase used light color, natural, pure and elegant. Stair design gives tension with gentle curve and face union deduce, these which highlighted contemporary space is practical and artistic.


In the layout of RIIFO, it contained a lot of efforts. Toilet area, bathroom cabinet area, non-standard customized area, faucet area, shower area, suite area, scene area, VIP experience area and other eight areas of lighting and color complement each other. The fusion of various materials makes the interior space rich and diverse, and the experience becomes vivid and interesting.

In addition to the product display area, RIIFO has also implanted the functional space of reception,communication area and kids area. Compared with the diversified product area, the communication area is more like a relaxed and casual life experience field, using light color and straight grain wood grain to be given priority to tonal, which can build an area providing comfortable and quiet.


RIIFO aims to provide high-end and excellent experience to the customers in a different way and wish to enhance customer awareness of the brand. With RIIFO, life could be better.