Riifo Magic Mirror, best of the best

Dec. 24, 2018
In March 2018, Riifo design team had a harvest at the Red Dot Gala Awards Ceremony, with six red dot awards won. In particular, the Magic Mirror electronic faucet successfully got the top prize in the product design category - Red Dot: Best of the Best, which is awarded for ground-breaking design.

The Red Dot Design Award is an internationally renowned design award, founded in 1955. It has been the vane of global industrial design and development trends. Red Dot Award  represents to a recognition of product quality and design by the international design community. Here below is the introduction for the top design.

Magic Mirror Electronic Faucet

The Magic Mirror electronic faucet is actually a revolution in the field of basin faucets. On the minimalist style faucet body, the frosted glass knob and the curved display are perfectly integrated. 38 ° C - the most comfortable initial water temperature is set and displayed on the front of the glass knob through the screen. By rotate the knob, the temperature on the screen begins to scroll, and the visual design will display the previous temperature and the next temperature. It offers a user friendly, energy saving and environmental protection sanitary experience.