RIIFO was selected as " Strength Brand of China's Home Furnishing"

Nov. 20, 2018
On November 19th, the Meeting of the China Building Decoration Association residential decoration and accessories industry branch and the 2018 China Housing Industry Annual Conference were grandly opened in Beijing. The representative of RIIFO attended the meeting and gathered together with the government, industry associations, well-known home furnishing enterprise leaders, industry experts and strategic cooperation media to discuss the future development of China's home furnishing industry.

In May of this year, China Building Decoration Association residential decoration and accessories industry branch, Real Home and Netease Home jointly launched the “2018 China Home Brand Strategic Plan” to promote the excellent brand of China home furnishing for the industry and consumer market. At the dinner of the annual meeting, the organizer made a grand commendation for the home brand selected for the project. With the strength of the company, RIIFO was selected as the “China Home Power Brand".

RIIFO Representative accepted the certificates

RIIFO is another key brand of Rifeng Group besides Rifeng pipe. It inherits the group's fine tradition and integrates the craftsman spirit into the brand to thrive.

RIIFO has an innovative and professional technology research and development team. At present, more than 100 national patents have been applied to the products. A number of products have won international awards such as the German Red Dot Award, the iF Award, and the US IDEA Award. They have become the industry's best on the world. In the era of consumption upgrades, consumers are constantly updating and upgrading their demand for sanitary products, and pursuing high quality and excellent product functions. In order to better satisfy consumers, RIIFO has achieved a gorgeous transformation. From the past, it has become a well-known unit bathroom brand, covering hardware, faucets, showers, bathroom cabinets, sanitary ceramics, shower rooms, bathtubs and other full range of bathroom products.

The acquisition of "Strength Brand of China's Home Furnishing" is an important recognition of RIIO, who will adhere to the brand's initial intention, deepen insight into new market demands, and continue to provide more quality products to consumers.