Speed up intelligent production expansion! RIFENG set up another two strategic manufacturing bases

Jun. 08, 2021

As its global pipe market soars, accelerating production expansion becomes an imminent task for RIFENG. Given that, In April 2021, RIFENG signed to build a research & production base for new applied materials in Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province. And in May, the first-phase project of Sanshui Municipal Production Base, another strategic production base of RIFENG, completed construction and started operation.

Vigorous expansion for global market surge. 
estimated investment of 700 million USD & 1 billion USD
Facing its rapid market growth, RIFENG responded immediately, setting up the two large-scale bases with significant investment. Located in Sanshui Industrial Park, Foshan City, Sanshui Municipal Production Base is built with an estimated investment of 700 million USD and a planned construction area of 330,000 square meters. And another production base, the Zhenjiang project built for new-type pipe innovation and production, covering an area of 335,000 square meters, has received an estimated investment of 1 billion USD.

“RIFENG Speed”, all for customers’ need.
RIFENG completed the first-phase project within only 10 months
Within only 10 months, RIFENG completed the first-phase project of the Sanshui Municipal Production Base, turning a barren into quite a few well-equipped and high-tech manufactories. Dirven by intelligent and automated technologies, the base will strongly enhance RIFENG’s production capacity, committing to building a "National Engineering Technology Research and Development Center for Plastic Composite Piping System". With no doubt, it will greatly promote the development of new-type composite pipes and achieve major innovative breakthroughs.

Continuously enlarge production, ceaselessly improve market satisfaction.
So far, RIFENG has set up 7 production and R&D bases worldwide.
Once the two bases are put into operations, it is estimated that they will generate an annual output of 1.15 billion USD. Boosted by such manufacturing powers, RIFENG is sure to provide more comprehensive, reliable, and stable piping solutions for global clients. Last but not least, RIFENG will greatly improve its product delivery efficiency and service, laying a solid foundation for further global market growth.