The correct installation method of PVC drainage system

Sep. 13, 2021
We not only need to buy high-quality pvc water supply and drainage pipes, but also have good installation techniques and measures, so as to reflect the work effect of pvc water supply and drainage pipes. Some people say that the service life of water supply and drainage pipes is very short after they have been bought many times. They all attribute the reason to the quality of the products produced by the pvc water supply and drainage pipe manufacturers. In fact, it is not the case, and some are because the installation process is not in place and incorrect. As a result, the service life of the water supply and drainage pipes is shortened. How to install the pipes so as not to damage the pipes? The pipeline technicians will introduce to you:
The correct installation method of pvc drainage pipe:
(1) The sewage adopts PVC-U core layer foamed drainage pipe, glued and flanged joints.
(2) According to the requirements of the drawings, combined with the actual situation, measure the size according to the position of the reserved port, and draw the processing sketch
(3) Measure the size of the pipe according to the sketch and break the pipe. The fracture should be flat, use a file or a scraper to remove the spurs inside and outside the fracture, and file a 15°C angle on the outer edge.
(4) Before bonding, the socket should be inserted into the test first, not all insertion, generally 3/4 of the depth of the socket, after the test insertion is qualified, wipe off the moisture and dust of the socket to be bonded with a cotton cloth. If there is oil, acetone is needed to remove it. Apply the adhesive with a brush, first apply the socket and then the socket, and then insert it vertically. When inserting and bonding, rotate the socket slightly to facilitate uniform distribution of the adhesive, and the bonding will be firm in about 30-60 minutes.
(5) When installing plastic drainage pipes, lead wire can be used for temporary hanging for pre-installation, adjust the spout coordinates, position, pipe elevation, and slope to meet the design requirements for bonding, and timely correct the spout coordinates and elevation slope. After the bonding is solidified, install the fixed support, but it is not advisable to fasten it too tightly. When using a metal bracket, a rubber gasket must be put in contact with the outer diameter of the pipe.
(6) The lowest and highest floor of the drainage standpipe should be equipped with inspection openings, and the center of the inspection opening should be 1.0m away from the ground.
(7) After the pipe is installed, the pipe hole should be blocked in time, and the pipe should be blocked according to the requirements of the specification. The pipe after installation is strictly prohibited from climbing or borrowing for other purposes.
According to the above installation method, the purpose of normal operation of the drainage pipe can be realized, and the normal service life of the PVC drainage pipe can be guaranteed.
But we also need to remind that we must also do a good job of protection during the use of the pipeline, and prohibit strong activities such as trampling or smashing.
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