The difference between PVC pipe and PE pipe

Jun. 30, 2021
PVC is the abbreviation of Polyvinylchlorid. It is extruded by hot pressing after mixing polyvinyl chloride resin with stabilizers and lubricants. PVC can be divided into soft PVC and hard PVC. Soft PVC contains plasticizers (this is also the difference between soft PVC and hard PVC), and its physical properties are poor, so its use range is limited. Hard PVC also can be names as PVC RIGID CONDUIT which does not contain plasticizers, and the PVC pipes used in the fresh air system are mainly hard pipes. Generally, PVC products without plasticizer added during processing are collectively referred to as UPVC, or PVC-U. UPVC pipes are not originally designed for use in fresh air systems, but are used to lay water supply pipes. Because of their low cost and easy procurement, they are widely used.

PE pipe is a polyethylene (Polyethylene) plastic pipe, PE is the most basic plastic, with excellent resistance to most of the life and industrial chemicals. PE pipes can be divided into low-density polyethylene pipes, medium-density polyethylene pipes and high-density polyethylene pipes. PE pipes used in fresh air systems are usually High Density Polyethylene pipes, referred to as HDPE for short.

What is the difference between PVC pipes and PE pipes in the pipeline construction of the fresh air system? For the pipe construction of the fresh air system, the most obvious difference between PVC pipes and PE pipes is that: PVC pipes are hard pipes and cannot be bent. Therefore, when arranging pipes indoors, elbows and direct connectors are inevitably used. Accessories. PE pipe is also a hard pipe, but it can be bent to a certain extent. Therefore, when arranging pipes indoors, a complete pipe can be arranged directly from the air distribution box to the air outlet without connecting accessories in the middle. For the arrangement of indoor pipelines, the more points the pipeline is cut off and the more connection fittings used, the greater the wind resistance of the pipeline and the greater the probability of air leakage.
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