The Display Feast of Rifeng General Agent Conference

Apr. 07, 2019

Rifeng's general agents conference in 2018 with the theme of "new ideas and one heart " was held at the Mangrove Resort in Sanya, Hainan. The company conveyed the business philosophy of “cooperation, sharing, and growth together” that has been adhering to by every Rifenger. The design of the exhibition hall and the product display for this year's agency conference is ever unique and creative. Let's share these design works together. 


Image wall

The pipe image wall is made up of nearly 1,700 sticks of Rifeng's orange PP-R antibacterial tube and luminous letters. It combines aesthetics and architectural technology, and is the embodiment of Rifeng's pursuit for quality.



New product display area

The exhibition hall for new products is inspired by the movable type printing which is one of the four inventions in China, the high and low display cabinets stand for it, which symbolizes the pursuit e of the craftsmanship spirit .   




PP-R exhibition hall

The Health PPR Concept Hall exhibited the pre-filter and the porcelain core antibacterial PP-R pipes, which fully conveys the unremitting pursuit of the health drinking water supply solutions. 


Underfloor heating exhibition hall

This hall takes warm color and present a domestic scene where Rifeng's underfloor heating system products are installed. Product experience area. The showcases and wall simulate the operating standards of Rifeng's offline stores. The store is moved to the exhibition hall, which truly reproduces the brand store.



PVC exhibition hall

PVC exhibition hall has a spatial structure containing nearly 1400 PVC pipes and fittings, which reflect Rifeng's excellent quality and strict pursuit of standards. 



Security guard service area

This area combines the security guard 2.0, pipe cleaning service, pipe welding inspection and other Rifeng service systems, allowing agents to have a clearer understanding of the  service processes through interactive experience.




Pre-filter display wall 

This wall of displays different parts of disassembled filters, highlighting the filtration principle of the product and the superb production process.