The industry standards edited by Rifeng reached the international advanced level

Dec. 05, 2014
On November 18th, the Water Supply and Sewerage Standardization Technical Committee of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People's Republic of China held a meeting in Beijing, reviewed two urban construction industry standards revised by Rifeng- CJ/T 108 Multilayer Pressure Pipe (lap welding)and CJ/T 190 Press Fittings for Multilayer Pipes.

The review meeting was held by Zhao Li, Chairman of the Water Supply and Sewerage Standardization Technical Committee of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, and a 9-member expert review team which was set up by Jiang Wenyuan, the head of the team, and Wei Ruoqi, the deputy head. Leadres of Rifeng, like Li Baiqian, Deputy General Manager, Director Peng Xiaotong, Manager Lin Xiyong and other representatives also attending the meeting.

After listening to the preparation of the standard preparation group and the description of the technical content, the expert team conducted a serious review of the two standards one by one. The review opinions are as follows:
First, the information submitted for review is complete and the content is detailed. The "Standard" can be used as the basis for the production of multilayer pipe and press fittings in China.
Second, the parameters provided by the "Standard" are correct and reasonable, consistent with relevant standards, and have strong practicability and operability.
Third, the revised "Standard" content is more complete, the technology is more advanced, and the standard preparation has reached the international advanced level.

Rifeng is the editor-in-chief of the two standards of CJ/T 108 and CJ/T 190. The revised standards have reached the international advanced level and have been highly recognized by the expert review team. In addition, Rifeng has also participated in the compilation of dozens of national and local technical standards and construction specifications, and spared no effort to assume the responsibility of the industry leader.